Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm building something

Something has started to emerge from within of me. A sort of philosophy made out of what I've learnt from studying psychology, playing impro theater and designing roleplaying games. That's what this blog is about. It's a psychology blog, an improv blog and a roleplaying game blog, but it's also something more, something of it's own.

First, this blog is for me. It's a place and a construct for me to explore and build something out of my ideas.

Second, it's for everyone. The psycho/impro/rpg theory will be broad rather than deep, and my aim is that anyone interested in any one of the three domains and how it can be applied in a different context should be able to read it with enjoyment - And I want you to read it! I want all of you and your ideas, your thoughts, the energy from a multitude of different readers. I'm also writing in english rather than swedish, my native tounge, which is something new.

But this blog is still just a seed. It may sprout, it may wither... I'm going to let it grow and see how it turns out. Who knows what it will read like, in what language, and look like eventually?

What do you think of the theme by the way? Too loud?

There are some things to be said about letting something just grow and see how it turns out, all very relevant to this blog. I will return to this subject. But for now - Welcome!


solvebring said...

It seems really awesome and I think that this will be very giving and fascinating. I just hope I have time and memory enough to follow it.

The theme is very beautiful and inspiring btw. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Kör hårt Arvid!

Erik C

Evert said...

Love the take, love the design, and especially love the language...

Alex F said...

jattebra! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and giving my own perspective as a gamer, an improv performer and a psychologist. We clearly come in packs.

Arvid Axbrink Cederholm said...

Thanks guys! Alex: Tell all your friends. ;)

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