Saturday, 6 February 2010

Thoughts so far

I like it. This has becoma real constructive process for me, a kind of parallell to my psychotherapy. You could say that aside from psychology, impro and roleplaying, I, myself, am the fourth pillar of this blog's content. In the end it is about my thoughts and how I relate to these topics, and I will put emphasis on things I feel relate to my own life and my life issues.

Even though I've made a list of things I want to bring up on this blog and started planning ahead, I felt that this "just let it grow"-attitude has worked real well - Even summarising an established field of science (psychology) stimulated me with new ideas during the writing process. I didn't really expect this blog to be so humanistic-philosophical, so that's interesting.

I felt a bit of a speed bump when writing up the roleplaying summary. I think it's because there is a lot baggage there: I've been a part of the roleplaying community for very long, I've discussed and debated roleplaying theory so much, I've explained the hobby so many times. I suppose what this is about is that I just don't want this blog to turn into another roleplaying blog with psychology and impro on the side, but to stay truly multi-discipline.

The lack of comments have been really sobering, and reminded me that I'm primarily writing this for myself - I don't want to either get caught up in other people's expectations or feel I'm ignoring other people's input because I'm doing my thing.

Oh, and to me, learning is building. I'm always processing things as I go, and I often go back and edit and re-edit a post even after I've published it.


Right, so I mentioned life issues in the first paragraph, and that is something I'm really interested to explore right now. Next up will be a little psychology background.

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