Saturday, 6 March 2010

Färgen Sisu

I just have to tell you about last night. I was visiting Kulturhamnen where a friend of mine were playing and singing.

A small, nondescript door in a brick building by the water, with an old sign reading "Greek restaurant" hides the world's most secret music stage. Some people under the banner Färgen Sisu have taken this place and made it their own, a tiny little house of culture. Cramped together on odd, worn couches and chairs, munching on home-made chocolate balls, we sat and listened to David Bergkvist singing of the big human issues of existence - of love, regret, dreams and revenge in a way that felt ancient and new in the same time, to an audience completely captivated. (Sorry, I didn't have the presence to bring out my camera until at the end of night) Yliari, a band made up of eight young friends separeted by life conditions, played reggae full of love. There was a rock band called Fake Snakes as well, not my kind of music, but I was happy to see them there, nevertheless.

And I sat there, in a place people had made their own, listening to musicians singing their own songs and their own words to us (well, except this one, that was a cover), as I wrote of the healthy person seeking hir own way, actualizing hirself on another path than that of norms.

It was genuine, and the audience were with them all the way. It was magical, and when their time was up they didn't want to part with us. The singer said "Since you've all been such good listeners, we would like to play a song that just the two of us made". Just the singer and the guitar player stayed on the stage, singing a song very different from the rest of their program. This is that song. (In norweigan, not swedish)

When you give people your full attention, when you give them empathy, genuinity and acceptance, they will find the safety to show their true selves. To bring it out for you to see, to let it grow.


iax said...

outstanding, as usual

Arvid Axbrink Cederholm said...

Thanks, mom. :)

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