Monday, 1 March 2010

Right now it's all about psychology

I started this blog when my personal identity, and upcoming identity as a psychologist, entered a process of change, as a way to vent and construct my thoughts. I was very much inspired by the philosophy of impro, and wished to re-evaluate my relationship to the roleplaying hobby, so this cross-platform blog was born. I'm very much still in that process, which feels like a movement towards a clearer and more unified future self. As things have moved towards clarity, I've come closer to understanding what I want to work through here.

You only need to look at the tags right now, to see that there has been very much psychology, some impro and almost no roleplaying. I wanted to make up for that by exploring life issues in roleplaying games next, but I find I would much rather be telling you about a model of mental health I've been working on.

Since this blog is for myself, first and foremost, and since I want to let it grow spontaneously, I'm going to stay in psychology for a while more. It's good to work through things while you're in it, while it is activated. Maybe it will stay primarily a psychology blog, maybe it will start something else, maybe I'll just lay a good foundation of science and psychology for exploring the story-making of impro and roleplaying. We'll see.

Anyway, next up: A model of mental health.

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